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70% to 80% of Kenyans derive their livelihoods from agriculture, which is crucial to combating poverty and stimulating sustained economic growth. Climate change and the recent surge in food and energy prices have raised the need for increased attention to agriculture.

Kenya’s dairy industry is private-sector driven. It is the largest agricultural sub-sector and contributes 4% to the country’s gross domestic product. The sector is dynamic with high growth figures of marketed milk and investments by dairy societies and processors among others in the cold chain, production of UHT milk, and milk powder. Currently, the sector provides food security, nutrition, income, and employment to approximately 1.8 million people across the dairy value chain including farmers, transporters, traders, employees of dairy society, processors, input suppliers, distributors, and retailers.

About 80% of Kenya’s total milk production (ca. 5 billion litres in 2011, Kenya Dairy Board) is produced by smallholder farmers. This poses huge challenges to the industry in terms of low productivity, cost of collection and chilling, seasonal fluctuations in supply, and quality of raw milk. However, there is an expanding segment of growth-oriented smallholders and medium-scale farmers who invest in modern and fully commercial dairy production. These farmers have the willingness and the ability (land and capital), to invest in innovations and good dairy management practices, and therefore have the potential to transition the sector to a higher level of competitiveness.

The Dutch Dairy Development Partners (DDDP) unites the dairy sector in the Netherlands, Kenya and Uganda. The Dutch dairy sector is innovative, highly specialized and internationally renowned.

Combing the knowledge of a century of dairy development in The Netherlands and the experience of our Kenyan and Ugandan -Dutch Partnerships we organize a comprehensive programme focusing on the total dairy value chain. The DDDP aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for the dairy sector in Kenya and Uganda. Besides the promotion of trade between Dutch dairy companies and Kenyan and Ugandan partners, this programme aims at setting up various projects to support and enhance the Kenyan and Ugandan dairy sector as a whole.

The Holland Africa Poultry Partners (HAPP) is a partnership of professional and committed companies, ngos and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands specialized in solutions and knowledge transfer for the international poultry sector.

The Dutch poultry sector is innovative, highly specialized and internationally renowned. Its know-how is now made available for Ethiopia. The HAPP provides state-of-the-art poultry solutions, combining Dutch technology with extensive experience. HAPP comes with individual answers for specific problems, but also with tailor-made ‘all-in’ packages , training programs and maintenance support. All HAPP-members complement each other in their areas of technology, knowledge and experience.