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The trade in flowers between Kenya and The Netherlands is extremely dynamic and has become vital to Kenyan horticulture as well providing a vast group of consumers in Europe and beyond with fresh flower products. With The Netherlands – Europe’s principal point of entry for flowers – buying 67% of their export tonnage and over 55% of their exportvalue, Kenyan flower growers have achieved tremendous export growth over the last two decades. Fresh-cut quality flowers, especially roses, have become one of Kenya’s biggest earners, providing many thousands of nationals with jobs and income.

With this growth, however, has come increasing pressure. Consumer demandsregarding quality and production methods are getting more stringent all the time. While production in Kenya continues to flourish, West European flower markets are slowing down and in Europe the purchasing power is shifting. The industry itself is changing, and both Kenyan and Dutch players must change with it if they wish to retain and extend their leading role.