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The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) have taken the initiative for the NL Business Hub for East Africa on behalf of business segments and organisations from the Netherlands and Kenya,business partner some of which as members of NABC and NWP. At least fourteen organisations, from the Netherlands and Kenya, have committed to subscribe to the NL Hub, before its actual start, in anticipation of the 140 subscribers to the NL Hub for East Africa expected after five years. Both NABC and NWP are well-established membership organisations – associations – representing relevant parts of the Dutch private sector, including small to medium sized and multinational enterprises. Thematically, NWP covers the ‘top sector’ water; NABC spans various industries ranging from oil, gas and energy to transport and logistics. NABC and NWP have facilitated the initiation of the NL Hub by arranging necessary (pre-) investments and by managing associated risks

Other sector organisations can join the Netherlands Business Hub in Nairobi as supervisory board member in case they represent relevant private industry sectors, are willing to underwrite the principles of the NL Business Hub and are willing and able to share the risks associated with the NL Hub, among others. Non-private sector interests will be represented through relevant sector organisations, e.g. interests of knowledge, research and education organisations; NGOs; development / aid organisations and governmental agencies.

NABC unites some 350 Dutch private businesses with interest in Africa; a representative cross section of Dutch trade and industry. Though already in existence since 1946, NABC is a modern, service oriented private business organisation. It offers a broad service package to members, ranging from knowledge transfer to networking activities, trade missions – some 10 per year – and market development through strategic alliances or consortia.

Through consortia, NABC operates close to the core business of its members, helping them to get feet on the ground in markets like water in Algeria, dairy in Ethiopia or poultry in Kenya and Uganda. Moreover, NABC is the coordinator of the Port Development Partnership in which 15 Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in close cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ghana, aim to enhance the operational efficiency of West-African ports. These examples show the potential for synergy with other sector organisations, such as with NWP in the latter example.

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is a comprehensive and independent network of more than 200 Dutch organizations active on water, worldwide. More than half are companies; others are knowledge institutes, public authorities and NGOs. NWP acts as a centre of information on Dutch water expertise, policy developments and market opportunities. NWP initiates, coordinates and executes projects for its members, including trade missions, exhibitions and conferences. Under the slogan ‘Let’s work together’ it positions the water sector as a partner for sustainable solutions in water related themes, spearheaded by ‘Water for food’, ‘Enabling Delta Life’ and ‘Water for all’. It prepares international publications for the Dutch water sector and is responsible for the website NWP structurally supports BuZa, and in particular selected NL embassies having a water focus through the Water-OS programme, among others in Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. It helps with grants, finding business partners, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations.

The aim is to improve opportunities for entrepreneurs and strengthen their position. The Agency works at the instigation of ministries and the European Union.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The organisation has been in existence since 2014 and is the result of a merger between NL Agency and the Dienst Regelingen. Some activities of the Commodities Boards are also included.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency focuses on providing services to entrepreneurs. It aims to make it easier to do business using smart organisation and digital communication. The Agency works in The Netherlands and abroad with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and countless other partners.