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The African market is emerging. Its growing economy increasingly puts pressure on existing infrastructure, resulting in growing demand from the maritime, transport, logistics and construction sectors. Together, these sectors can build adequate infrastructure that works for Africa.

To meet this demand, it is African Corridors’ mission to connect you to these business opportunities that emerge anywhere in the value chain. Hence, African Corridors unites Dutch industries and connects them to Africa’s potential.

Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and a key driver in globalization, carrying approximately 80% of global trade. Seaports are central hubs in this network, where cargoes are integrated and disseminated for further transport to their final destinations. Ports are not only gateways for international freight transport, but also locations for economic activities that are directly or indirectly related to the business of handling ships and goods, such as (petro-)chemical industries, warehouses, financial and legal services, logistics, trade, headquarters of companies in transport and logistics, and hinterland transport.

Given often existing capacity restrictions, amongst others in road infrastructure or available land, growth can only be realized by managing processes and businesses in a smarter way, more efficiently and environmentally sustainable, while increasing profits and added value to the regional and national economy.